Woo Zhi 'Er Tomoko

Gained entry into Bachelor of Civil Engineering in NTU

Awarded NTU College Scholarship

DEWT, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE

Class of 2011


DEWT Course - Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology Course. Personally, this phrase has another acronym - Definitely Enthralled with This Course! This course has provided everything from basic environmental engineering knowledge to industry exposure and building ties that I'll never forget.

Wherever possible, lecturers will arrange out-of-classroom learning experiences such as site visits which helped to enhance our learning process. Furthermore, this course has presented me both local and overseas opportunities to learn about the industry which broadened my perspective of the industry. Lastly, I'll definitely remember and cherish the friends and lecturers who have made a difference to my Poly life. This was made possible through projects and events organised by the lecturers.

If you're still thinking whether this is the right course for you, don't hesitate any further! This course has a dose of work and play which will make you definitely enthralled with this 3 year course!

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