Chew Junling

Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology

Class of 2014

Awarded PUB Gold Medal

Awarded Langdon & Seah Project Management Prize

Awarded Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore Prize

Awarded Hyflux Prize

Admitted into Bachelor of Environmental Engineering in NUS

Awarded NUS Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship


I grew really concerned about the rising environmental issues which I saw on the news back in secondary school - this led me to joining SP’s Environmental Management & Water Technology course. I was extremely keen in gaining knowledge in this sector and the DEWT course provided me with many opportunities to gain the requisite exposure.

The few highlights of my three years in DEWT include volunteering as an Event Ambassador during Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), participating in competitions and research fairs such as the Living aRRRt from Urban Waste Waste Competition, Singapore Junior Water Prize, 1st ASEAN Chemistry Research Fair, Green Wave Environmental Competition and SP Engineering Show. All these have provided me with an opportunity to broaden my knowledge as I get to view various project ideas that contribute towards making the environment greener. In addition, the study trip to Hong Kong with my course mates during Year 3 has rounded off my studies in DEWT on a sweet note.

Being part of the SP Environmental Club also meant that I got to volunteer in events that help to spread environmental awareness, namely Mangrove Clean-up at Pasir Ris Park, the 3R Recycling Drive (Paper Recycling Project), Urban River Clean Up and as the lead speaker for the grand opening of Eco-Oasis.

The three years in SP were definitely fruitful I got to achieve what I had set out to do which is to gain exposure in the environmental and water sector and I have to thank SP and my lecturers for guiding me towards it.

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