Goh Zi Gui Cheryl

Admitted into Bachelor of Environmental Engineering in NUS

Awarded NUS Kent Ridge Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship

Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (With Merit)

Awarded Samwoh Corporation Prize

Awarded Semcorp Prize

Class of 2012


Many chances and opportunities were given to me throughout my 3 year career in Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (DEWT), such as being invited to take part in competitions and workshops. These were the highlights of my portfolio during my interview for the NUS Kent Ridge Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship. During my time in SP, I took part in the Taiwan IDEERS Earthquake Competition (2011) held in Taiwan, for which my group came in 3rd. My group also managed to gain a spot among the top 45 out of 190 participating international teams in the AECOM “Urban SOS: Water” Competition (2011). These competitions have not only helped develop my ability to think out of the box, but have also given me the rare opportunity to have many a hands-on experience locally and abroad.

I feel that my internship was the most fruitful period during my time in SP, as going through an internship exposes you to the real world where you cannot depend on someone to always be there to guide you along, thus forcing you to be independent. I believe that this independence is an important part of the learning process. Also, if not for the internship, I would not have been invited by my internship supervisor, Dr Chiu, to return to the company before starting my studies in NUS. I am very grateful for this chance to learn even more and gain more invaluable experiences about the field.

Studying in SP has enabled me to reach goals I never knew I could and recognise that the school is a microcosmic version of society. These are insights which I will carry with me as I embark on another learning journey and throughout life. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all the lecturers who have patiently guided me and had faith in my abilities in both the academic and non-academic arenas throughout my years in SP and DEWT.

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