Joanne Ong Shi Hui

Gained entry into Bachelor of Environmental Engineering in NUS

Board of Architects Prize

Zarch Collaboratives Prize

Class of 2011

DEWT, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


Singapore Polytechnic is a place that offers lots of opportunities to students. The School of Architecture and the Built Environment not only provides a comfortable environment for students to study, it also provides us with well-equipped laboratories for many hands-on projects. During my final year project, I had the chance to make use of all the facilities and equipments in the laboratory and it’s really convenient for students. With the guidance of lecturers and technicians, my group successfully completed a water treatment system and entered the Singapore Junior Water Prize and even obtained the Certificate of Merit.

Apart from studying, I had fun in school with many events lined up for students such as the DEWT basketball carnival 2011 and DEWT Course Night in 2010. These events allow students to build up good relations with the lecturers.

With all the exciting programmes in school, I believe students can study hard and play hard! I really enjoyed my three years of studies in DEWT!

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