Ong Zhi Siong

Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (DEWT) – Class of 2012 . 

Awarded National Environmental Water Scholarship by National Environment Agency and Public Utilities Board


My interest in Environmental Engineering started since I was a young boy - I would chase after running water in canals during rainy days, and often wondered where the water would eventually end up! Choosing the Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) became the obvious choice after completing my ‘O’ Levels.

I learnt and was inspired the most during the practical activities conducted in class and the various competitions I participated in during my course of study. My most memorable competition was the ‘Challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering’ (CESE 2011), where my group members and I were not only given the chance to travel to Taiwan, but also won the ‘Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award’!

These valuable experiences have certainly put me in good stead in my competition against a few hundred applicants for the National Environmental Water Scholarship awarded by NEA and PUB. It is all thanks to the comprehensive topics covered in class and the various practical experiences, that I was able to answer all the questions and case studies posed during the interviews, and was one of the lucky few to be awarded this prestigious scholarship.

Choosing a polytechnic education has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve had 3 memorable and enjoyable years in SP. Apart from the friendships forged during my years in SP, I also particularly enjoyed the overseas study trips organised by the school, especially the trip to the United States where I got to visit the renowned Stanford University – the university where I hope to further my education, which is now becoming an attainable dream because of the scholarship.

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