Phoon Ruyi Natalie

Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology (Merit)

Class of 2015

Awarded Hyflux Silver Medal

Awarded Sembcorp Prize

Awarded Siloso Beach Resort Prize

Awarded Singapore Contractors Association Prize

Awarded SUTD Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

Admitted into Bachelor of Science with a Major in Architecture and Sustainable Design, SUTD


I joined the Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT) course with the hope that I could further my passion for the environment to my education and career.

In the three years of study, DEWT has advanced me towards my goal significantly. Both the course curriculum and teaching style complemented my passion for the programme. It covered the various aspects of environmental management in the built environment, from water treatment systems to environmental regulations. DEWT students apply concepts they have learnt, to the many group projects and propose prototypes and procedures to solve environmental problems. Based on the background theory and objectives of the projects provided, I was encouraged to think independently and creatively, and sometimes even go beyond the module requirements. For my Final Year Project (FYP), my group participated in multiple school and national competitions, including the Polytechnic Student Research Programme 2015 and the Singapore Junior Water Prize 2014. Our project results were eventually published in a research article on ‘Removal of Methylene Blue Using Chemically Modified Sugarcane Bagasse’. Additionally, the Computer Programming module allowed my FYP group to translate our project results into a simple computer programme for prospective industry users. Combined with the experience I had with my SP Enactus (Comcrop) Co-Curricular Activity on urban farming, DEWT enabled me to develop a clearer direction of where I intend to take my further education and career. I discovered my particular interest in green building design and thought of new ideas to explore in the field.

While DEWT is a relatively small course, I would like to thank my lecturers for their commitment in equipping me with work-ready knowledge and developing my future goals. I believe the Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology was conceived and offered with great passion and foresight. I hope Singapore Polytechnic continues to be the institution with a warm heart to connect with the students and a progressive hand to guide them to their futures.

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