Graduates Content 2019_DARCH Aceson Han

Aceson Han Chang Chou

Diploma in Architecture
Class of 2019
Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal 2019

I was 12 when I witnessed the demolition of Hougang Plaza, a shopping centre, for the development of condominium in my neighbourhood. I reminisce many fond memories made with my family in the mall. It is not the loss of building, but the loss of lifestyle and community that affected me. In 2014, I joined the Ground-Up Initiative as a volunteer and was involved in the building of the sustainable living ‘Kampung Kampus’. I saw how individuals from all walks of life coming together to create a better living environment. Both experiences made me realised that architecture is not just about buildings but has the potential to improve the lives of people and involve the community.

Inspired to design spaces for communities, I enrolled into DARCH with a passion, a choice that I would never regret. I am grateful for the supportive and devoted lecturers and technical support officers who have guided me throughout the past three years. They constantly challenged meto view and think about design and society from different perspectives.

The encouraging spirit and collaborative culture, built upon by the cohort, had played a huge role in expanding my interest in Architecture. It has made my journey in SP more enriching and enjoyable. Working on projects made me learnt to stay resilient and be courageous to open-minded to ideas to overcome challenges.

The diverse education has well-prepared and equipped students with design and technical skills to contribute to the built environment industry effectively. I am grateful for the opportunities by the school to participate in various events and competitions during my time in SP.

My peers and I have always grumbled that time is never enough as we work towards project submissions. As we embark on our future endeavours, our time in SP has sadly reached an end. I will miss those tough yet memorable times with my peers as we learn to enjoy the process and work towards our project submissions together.

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