ABE DARCH Alumni 2018 Choy Rui Zhi

Choy Rui Zhi

Diploma in
Class of 2018
Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal

At the age of 16, I picked up my first architectural book, ABC of Architecture by James F. O’Gorman. Even though I was not familiar with the architectural jargon, I was fascinated by the unique narrative of a building. It showed me how designing a building can be a poetic process, beyond simply making it functional. Feeling inspired to learn more about architecture, I applied for the Direct Polytechnic Admission and enrolled into DARCH.

I soon came to realise that design is only a part of a broader umbrella in architecture, after taking up Design Studies at School of Science and Technology (SST). DARCH gave me a perspective of architecture as an experimental process that requires one to be constantly innovating. Under the guidance of the committed lecturers in DARCH, I developed more critical thinking towards architecture. They taught me to have an open mind and consider different perspectives. In addition to their design lectures, they imparted life lessons and experiences that helped shape me to whom I am today.

As I embarked into a new phase in life, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and lecturers that played a role in my 3 years at DARCH. I am grateful for the lasting bond that we all built within our small community at the corner of Singapore Polytechnic.

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