Diploma in Architecture (with merit)

Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Board of Architects Prize

Tangguanbee Architects Prize

Class of 2015

DARCH, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE.


In 2012, I entered DARCH not knowing what to expect and whether it would suit me. It was a fresh start after finishing the 'O' Levels. I initially found it daunting to work on many ongoing projects and assignments, while managing ample time for CCAs and friends. However the passion and energy from our lecturers and personal tutors created a united and supportive learning environment among the students.

We became more passionate and sure-footed about what we wanted to achieve through the course of time. The bonding among the lecturers and students lasted through the 3 years in DARCH and was the main reason why my academic years in SP were enriching and worth the experience.

As a student, I learnt a lot not only from my lecturers but also from my peers. We increasingly sought opinions, ideas and critiques from each other to build up our confidence in design and appreciate Architecture at a deeper and more meaningful level. This spirit of collectiveness made learning more interesting and interactive, rather than rote learning in solitude.

The studio culture in DARCH was also unforgettable. The learning path was steep, but with constant support and encouragement from friends and lecturers alike, the journey in SP was certainly academically more fulfilling and personally more endearing.

To quote one of my lecturers who motivated us to become better students in design:

"The only constant in architecture is change, thus it takes courage to throw away a very good idea, but never be afraid or hesitant to do so in search of a better one"

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