Liam Shu-Ling Rachel

Diploma in Architecture

Class of 2016

SIA Silver Medal

Tangguanbee Architects


Since young, my environment has played a big influence in my life. I played outdoors a lot, often drew and assembled my own toys. There was always time for creative play.

When I was a teenager, I witnessed how my family’s three-storey house was being constructed. I was intrigued by how everything came together and how as a team, the architect and workers discussed and resolved issues. Witnessing the whole process sparked my interest in architecture.

With my love for drawing and expressing ideas, I embarked on an exciting journey in DARCH. With the overseas trips to KL and Australia, a 12-week internship placement and being exposed to many architecture related events, my perspectives widened and I am more certain on pursuing architecture.

In spite of the sleepless nights and long hours spent working on projects, the company of my peers and the time spent in our studios had definitely left a strong impression on me, creating memories that I will hold dearly for the rest of my life. The interactive studio culture had allowed me to forge great friendships and motivated me to work harder while enjoying the whole design and creative process. With the guidance and encouragement from approachable tutors and opinions from friends, the journey was both fulfilling and enjoyable.

The 3 years in SP were definitely the best experience to the start of pursuing what I am most passionate about as a career and life choice; Architecture.


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