DARCH Sharif Gown half body

Muhammad Shaif

Diploma in Architecture
Class of 2021
Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal

When I was in kindergarten, I was fond of television shows involving art and craft like Art Attack. They sparked my curiosity and inspired me to make artistic creations. As I grew older and observed the environment, I was mesmerized by the structures that surrounded me. This led to me drawing, designing and imagining what could be Singapore’s skyline. At that point, I realised that I wanted to be an Architect.

This new found passion led me to the last three truly unforgettable years that I spent in the Diploma of Architecture (DARCH). I thoroughly enjoyed this fruitful learning journey that has grown me into a better designer and person. We had a large variety of projects that we embarked on as a cohort including designs of a homeless shelter and a school. These projects allowed me to collaborate with my peers and expand my knowledge and experience in architecture.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful lecturers and Technical Support Officers who have supported and encouraged us throughout the entire journey as well as sharing with us their valuable knowledge and experience.

Despite all the failures and difficulties we might have faced, I will cherish this journey for the years to come. I hope one day, I can utilise the knowledge I have gained to shape Singapore’s built environment.

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