Priscilla Tan

Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal

Singapore Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore Prize

Shell Companies in Singapore Prize

Chan Sau Yan Associates Prize

Board of Architects Prize

Class of 2010

DARCH, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


“I would describe my 3 years of study at the Singapore Polytechnic as holistic and interesting. Not only did I learn about and develop architectural projects in class, I had the chance to participate in real-life projects and exhibitions, during which I got to work with clients and contractors. Besides that, I was given the chance to go on overseas trips and forums; these experiences have broadened my perspective in Architecture. It was particularly during the "Architectural Association Singapore Workshop" held in SP that I had the chance to meet people from other courses in SP as well as other students from universities around the world. All in all, I was well geared up to further my studies at university and to step into the working industry.”

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