Diploma in Architecture (with Merit)

Singapore Institute of Architects Silver Medal

Board of Architects Prize

LOOK Architecture Prize

Class of 2015

DARCH, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE.


A piece of paper which I kept from my primary school regarding my earlier aspirations reads, “I want to be …”, below which was written in barely decipherable handwriting, “an architect”.

DARCH adopts the design process of the professional architectural practice, allowing students to get a first-hand feel of the real working world from start to finish. From the conception of an idea, to planning and detailing design, to finally presenting the realised scheme, the whole process marries the technical aspects of architecture with the creative component of design in a seamless fashion.

Opportunities to participate in 2 overseas trips in DARCH were the Green School, Bali, Indonesia, and the “Compasso Volante” in Italy. The Green School in Bali heads the forefront in innovative sustainable design. It was very insightful to see how the notion of sustainable design positively influences the way the students and staff live and work. The international architectural competition “Compasso Volante 2013” in Italy was both challenging and trying in the learning experience, and an eye-opener to the European way of life. It proved worthy at the end when the efforts by our students were recognised with a commendation award by the panel of judges in the competition.

Studying in DARCH has fostered a greater love and appreciation for Architecture stemming from the interactive and progressive studio-based learning experience and journey. DARCH had certainly provided me with a strong foundation to continue my interest and further my studies in Architecture, fulfilling my earlier aspiration to pursue Architecture as my future career and path.

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