Chong Kok Soon

Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business

Class of 2014

Awarded Singapore Concrete Institute Gold Medal

Awarded Langdon & Seah Singapore Prize

NatSteel Holdings Prize

Singapore Contractors Association Merit Award

The Institution of Engineers Gold Medal Award


Accepted for entry into (MEng) of Civil Engineering in Imperial College London

Accepted for entry into Bachelor of Civil Engineering in NTU

Accepted for entry into Bachelor of Civil Engineering in NUS

During my primary school years, I used to be weak academically, naughty and also obsessed with playing computer games. Once I played “The Simcity”, a computer game which fulfilled my sense of satisfaction about construction through the formation of buildings, viaducts and many more.

I joined SP as a 2-year direct-entry student, after completing A-level equivalent education (UEC) at Chong Hwa High School in Kluang, Malaysia. I already had a strong foundation in Physics and Advanced Mathematics when I joined SP.

The two years in DCEB provided me with a strong base in civil engineering knowledge and hands-on skills. I practiced my drawing skills and knowledge learnt in school as a draftsman in a construction firm during my internship.

My burning enthusiasm for the civil engineering course was due to an Overseas Community Involvement Project in the Philippines. I cooperated with the local carpenters to build a timber house which acted as a shelter for workers at the local mangrove plantation. Following the construction of the timber house, the villagers thanked me over and over again. I was immensely moved by their gratitude and appreciated how Civil Engineers play an important part in meeting many basic human needs.

Besides my enthusiasm for academic matters, I am also a classical music lover. Whilst in SP, for my CCA, I joined the string ensemble where I was able to learn the value of persistence as well as teamwork as the violin is one of the hardest instruments to play. All it requires is the willpower to keep going every day.

My 2-years at SP have not only provided me good academic achievements but most importantly, a balanced life.

Thank you Singapore Polytechnic!

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