Lim Yong Mei

Lim Yong Mei Shayne

Gained entry into Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences in NUS

Gained entry into Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons) in NTU

Awarded NTU College Scholarship

Awarded Marina Bay Sands Silver Medal 2011

Awarded Cityneon Prize

Class of 2011

DEPM, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE

With an L1R5 of 6 points for my GCE ‘O’ Level Results, I had chosen Singapore Polytechnic as my first choice, as I believed that SP will not only offer a course that I am interested in, but also equip me well to be a better person in the society.

Indeed, throughout the 3 years of studies in DEPM, the School of Architecture and the Built Environment has provided me with great resources, a wonderful community and many learning opportunities. Just to name some: I was able to be a volunteer in Singapore International Water Week, attend enriching workshops and talks, went to site visits at various locations/Events (such as Marina Bay Sands, Tiger Brewery, BMW World Singapore Exhibition and Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore). The Industrial Training Programme was a very good learning platform for me to gained experiences and knowledge beyond the lectures. I was also able to apply what I have learned in my Final Year Project, where I had the chance to plan my very own event with my team mates.

Apart from the above, I am grateful to the lecturers in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, who really cared for us and desired for us to do well. They are the one who helped me, in some ways or another, to be who I am right now.

All in all, I thank God for the 3 years spent in Singapore Polytechnic, which not just provided me with an all rounded education, but also a place where I have built strong friendships. I did not regret at all for this choice that I have made 3 years back, and I think that if it wasn’t for this decision to come into Singapore Polytechnic, I would not have been offered a Scholarship by NTU.

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