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Tan Li Ying

Diploma in Events and Project Management
Class of 2021
Neon Events Gold Medal

Before I came to Singapore Polytechnic, I was an average student with moderate grades. The Diploma in Events and Project Management (DEPM) completely changed this. I found a new passion for events planning and pushed myself to strive and excel in my studies as I honed my events management and planning skills in the pursuit of a career filled with major successful events.

My time in DEPM was filled with obstacles and setbacks that motivated me to continually improve myself and make the most of my time. Through planning school events, participating in leadership camps and my internship, I grew from a shy individual to a confident and outgoing person ready to face any challenges that crosses my path.

I also managed to find some comfort away from my worries by immersing myself in the world of music as a member of the Singapore Polytechnic Symphonic Band (SPSB). I was fortunate to be able to meet other passionate individuals who I could unwind and jam with for hours. I was blessed and am forever grateful to have been able to participate in annual concerts and forge precious memories with the many people I encountered throughout my SP journey.

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