Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management

Savills Property Management Silver Medal Singapore Contractors Association Prize

Class of 2015

DHLFM, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE.


I was drawn to the Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management course because the thought of hotels always made me think about the happy, fond memories of vacations that I had in my childhood. I have big dreams of travelling around the world, working in different regions, meeting different people, indulging in different languages and immersing myself in different cultures.

DHLFM was extremely project and presentation heavy, which I was actually terrified of when I first began. However, with enough exposure and the help of group mates, who turned out to be some of the best friends I ever had, I was confident of presenting by the second year. I enjoyed the facility management aspects of the course that presented a behind-the-scenes, technological and quieter aspect of hospitality. I found the new skills involved, fascinating.

SP is a lovely campus. Three things I will miss most are the food, library resources and the company. I will miss the binging on indie movies in “shoebox” stations, “Game of Life” sessions, and lunching at Food Court 2 with my quiet little gang of seven.

The hands down best experience I’ve had was the Overseas Study Immersion Trip to Switzerland in September 2013. Visiting Europe topped my bucket list and to finally be in Switzerland was an almost “historic” point in my life. There, I was able to see for myself why the Swiss Hospitality was highly lauded and referenced to in the hotel industry. We also had eight glorious days to take in the scenes, sights and sounds.

I would like to thank the DHLFM course, my lecturers and course mates for delivering on your promises and especially for the opportunities, memories and the good times.

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