Tammy Hong Fengmei

Class of 2014

Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management

School of Architecture & the Built Environment

Awarded Ascendas Gold Medal

Awarded Jacqueline Ho Memorial Prize

Awarded Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore Prize

Awarded National Youth Achievement Award (Gold)


Miss Tammy Hong stands out amongst successful alumni of the School of Architecture & the Build Environment as one of the top students in her cohort who goes on to pursue a university degree at the National University of Singapore, majoring in Business Administration.

Her primary and secondary school years had been unremarkable, with a score of 175 at PSLE examinations and a normal academic student in her secondary school. She entered Singapore Polytechnic with a score of 15.

Her turning point came when she started to reflect on her life and began to improve her attitude towards learning. She said, “The journey at SP was life changing. SP has given me a lot of opportunities such as allowing me to take up Diploma Plus in Applied Psychology. I also took part in a 14 days Overseas Community Service to China and the chance to attend a nine days Leadership Development Programme (LEAP) to Taiwan.” At SP, Tammy also volunteered to help out at Institute of Mental Health and YMCA .

She added, “At SP, I chose the Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management (DHLFM) course as I would like to have a job in the future that allows me to interact and meet people. During my 1st year with DHLFM, there was a talk by Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Since the talk, it has been my wish to work with their front office department. Imagine my surprise when my lecturers arranged an interview with MBS for my internship programme! Needless to say, I had an amazing 22 weeks of training with them.”

In 2012, Tammy decided to pursue the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) to challenge herself and received the NYAA – Gold Level in 2014 during her studies at the Singapore Polytechnic.

She said, “The Adventurous Journey was the most challenging as I was required to embark on a discovery of the unknown and develop personal qualities of self-reliance and perseverance. As part of the LEAP Taiwan Advanced Program, I had to climb a mountain and complete a river tracking with a cliff jump. It took me two months of physical and mental training before I could complete the trip. The residential project to Du Jiang Yan, Si Chuan, China, on the other hand was an emotional challenge for me. We went to Beichuan, an area affected by the earthquake in 2008. Here, we listened to many stories and met many citizens telling us about their hardships. I also learned from them that focusing on the small happiness in daily life make up the big piece of happiness in us. I remembered one citizen who has lost one of his legs due to the earthquake and yet was able to climb up the hill faster than one of my teammates. I think it’s really all in the mind.“

Her motto in life is, “Just keep trying because you never know where it will lead you to”. Her next plan is to embark on an NUS Overseas College (NOC) program in Shanghai for one year. The program includes a one-year full time internship with a start-up company and part time study with Fudan University.

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