DFM Hui Min Gown 02

Phua Hui Xin

Diploma in Facilities Management
Class of 2021
Changi Airport Group Gold Medal

When I was considering my options for the future, I came across a SP magazine that was mailed to me. The Diploma in Facilities Management (DFM) stood out to me due to its mixture of business and facilities management related modules. The wide variety of job opportunities related to the discipline further convinced me to apply for it.

Over the last three years, my interest and knowledge in the FM industry and its many disciplines has grown exponentially. In addition to the insights I gained through the classroom, I have also seen my resilience and confidence develop from the various rigorous projects and presentations that I had to perform. I have seen further improvements in my attitude and personal values both in and out of the classroom. All this culminated with a challenging and memorable internship experience with the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) and a collaborative project with SDC on escalator safety in Sentosa for my final semester integrated project.

I am eternally grateful to my supportive family, friends, lecturers and my class of DFM’01 2021 for giving me constant encouragement, guidance and positivity whenever I faced setbacks. I doubt that I could possibly have made it without them. These 3 years in SP were filled with both fun and stressful moments and are definitely the best phase of my life so far!

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