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Phyllis Ng Kai Xin

Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management
Class of 2020
Changi Airport Group Gold Medal

The Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management has given me the opportunity to build a strong foundation in my knowledge about the hospitality and the facilities management industries. The numerous learning experiences in the School of ABE have truly widened my horizons and broadened my perspectives. These include a cruise trip to Langkawi; a Final Semester Integrated Project, which my teammates and I had partnered with EM Services to do a report on the level of service performed by the respective town councils under the management of EM Services; and an eye-opening internship experience I had with ISS Facility Services Pte Ltd, at National University Hospital.

I can say that my time here has, beyond a shadow of doubt, been humbling and enriching, with lots of ebb and flow throughout my journey. I had a penchant to do as much as I can for everything to go smoothly and as perfectly as possible. Hence, I always reminded myself that every setback is a learning experience and just a chance for self-improvement and for me to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Additionally, it was because of my supportive and understanding friends and family that I was able to stay as clear-headed as possible when certain disappointments or complications arise.

All in all, I could easily say that these few years were one of the best in my academic life, because I not only enjoyed my time here with my peers by participating and helping out with events and camps, I felt like I really benefited from the environment and exposed myself to a good transition before moving further into adulthood.

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