Wanvisha Low Beng Chia

Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management

Awarded Savills Property Management Silver Medal

Class of 2017

DHLFM, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


My interest in hospitality was ignited when I took up a stint as an events crew during my high school vacation. Though it was a short one week commitment, it opened my eyes to the many potentials of the hospitality industry. I felt an instant calling which brought me to pursue my studies in Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

I still remember the sense of excitement when I successfully enrolled into the Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management (DHLFM). As a foreign student from Malaysia, the experience in SP has broadened my outlook on the differences of my home country and Singapore in both the environment and approach to studies.

In SP, my course of studies is filled with site visits, projects and presentations which has helped to build my confidence in public speaking. During my first year in DHLFM, I participated in an overseas cruise trip to Pulau Langkawi. It was a refreshing experience as it was my first time on a cruise. This trip had provided me with an insight on the operations of a cruise ship and gave me the opportunity to bond with my new classmates.

In my third year of studies, I had my internship with Marina Bay Sands (MBS) at the Front Office department. The six months journey at MBS was a great learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I have learnt from DHLFM under the careful supervision of seniors, supervisors and managers. Though the journey may be tough at times, I am grateful to have a supportive internship liaison officer.

SP has given me many fond memories from meeting new friends, contact with lecturers and their different teaching styles, even to the many food choices in SP! I will miss Manna’s Mac & Cheese and Food Court 2’s Tom Yam Ban Mian! Thank you SP, it has been a remarkable three years journey that I will remember forever.

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