Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management

Singapore Institute of Building Prize

Ascendas Gold Award

Class of 2015

DHLFM, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE.


Since young, I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of meeting people as well as interacting with them. I have always found the smiles of satisfaction and gratitude to be fulfilling. This made me consider the hospitality industry as a potential future career. The fact that the service industry is in need of competent employees just confirmed that DHLFM was the right choice for me.

One of the most useful aspects of the 3-year education was the internship programme. I chose Singapore Polytechnic over a junior college in order to gain a more hands-on education which I believed would help me before I join the workforce. My internship experience with Mapletree gave me exactly the experience that I wanted, which I could not possibly get from lectures. I experienced what was taught in the classroom in real-life and it was a great experience to get to learn from the industry professionals too.

My most memorable experience in SP was my OCIP trip to Danang, Vietnam. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realised that to improve myself, I should not focus solely on academics. During the OCIP trip, we helped to refurnish the toilet for the villagers. On the surface, it may seem like a group of students providing help and assistance to the less fortunate in Vietnam. But in actual fact, they taught me basic values such as gratitude, respect, and compassion. It made me realised how fortunate we are to be able to live in Singapore. It was a wakeup call for me to be more appreciative for what I have.

So, thank you SP for all these wonderful opportunities and invaluable experiences!

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