Graduates Content 2019_DID Phyllis Oh

Phyllis Oh Yu Hui

Diploma in Interior Design
Class of 2019
Swan & Maclaren Gold Medal

I developed my love for drawing in Secondary 3 after I took art as a subject. My teacher was very patient and guided me through every art classes. He knew that I was new and have a keen interest in art.

After my “O” levels, I realized that I have a strong passion towards art and design, thus I decided to join DID.

It was indeed tough when I first join DID. I have to adapt to the hectic Polytechnic life.

It is a life filled with submission guidelines and endless submission schedules. It was a big change for me but I did not give up.

As I progress through DID, there were many milestones, with constantly different expectations and new scope of works. I need to have good time management, perseverance and determination. And most importantly, an open-mind to learn new things every day. On top of school works, I have the opportunity to be part of the team of ABE ambassadors.

We were part of events such as SPOH. I even have the privilege to run the DID graduation show 2019 as the chairperson.

DID has definitely given me many opportunities and broadens my perspectives. I would want to thank all the lecturers, staff and peers who have encouraged and guided me. You are the one who have made my journey an enriching and memorable one.

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