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Teo Ching Yee Clara
Diploma in Interior Design
Class of 2021
Hafary Gold Medal

Before I was a designer, I was a fiction writer, churning stories out to a sizable reader base. In fact, it was through writing that I discovered my interest in interior design.

Interior design was uncharted territory to me as a triple science student without any artistic background. At the start of the course, I believed that I ranked below my peers in terms of talent and experience but that motivated me to strive for even better results.

Starting a whole new career direction was doubtlessly daunting. The lessons were hectic and left little to no time for my own personal life. However, it all paid off. These and other obstacles shaped me into the person I am now – a more disciplined and organised person, reliable teammate and independent learner.

The Diploma in Interior Design has undoubtedly left a lasting impact in me. I have forged amazing bonds and shared memories in and out of class with my lecturers and peers. All these experiences along with the values I have developed will continue to guide me well through my educational journey and in life as an individual.

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