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Josephine Kwan

Diploma in Landscape Architecture
Class of 2021
National Parks Board Gold Medal

When I was in Secondary school, I had a friend who was studying Landscape Architecture in Singapore Polytechnic. Hearing about her experience triggered a huge interest in the subject and inspired me to get into the same course through the Polytechnic Foundation Programme. Through a lot of hard work, I achieved this goal.

The last 3 years as a Diploma in Landscape Architecture student has been an invaluable time of great exposure and experience. I discovered my love for nature and design and grew a passion for creating designs that had purpose and helped society. I was given a chance to take the lead in various projects and formed everlasting bonds with my teammates.

Not all of it was easy and the most challenging points taught me valuable lessons in perseverance, positivity and diligence. I now view these obstacles as good lessons learnt.

Finally, my life in Singapore Polytechnic has shaped me to be appreciative of what we have and, especially when COVID-19 broke out in Singapore, to be ready for disruptive circumstances, like having to start the Final Year Project from home.

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