Singapore Polytechnic Arts Fiesta 2017

The Singapore Polytechnic Arts Fiesta (SPAF) is a month-long celebration of dance, music and theatre, held annually as an initiative of Arts@SP. It was conceived in 2011 as a platform for SP students to showcase their productions or talents. 

The theme of SPAF 2017 is PARTS, with puzzle pieces as our main focus. It portrays different types of arts coming together as one regardless of their different shape and size. The arts can form a bigger picture, creating an amazing piece, Arts Fiesta.

The festival consists of three main programmes featuring different forms of art:
Opening Programme: kick starts the event and serves as a promotion for the event itself.
Workshops: include Augmented Reality Christmas Card, Soap Making, Ukulele and Tie Dye.
Ticketed Production: produced and performed by various SP Performing Arts Clubs.

The students roles in this project consisted of gauging audience’s needs, coming up with a strategy and approach to market the event, planning and executing the opening roadshow and managing the front of house for the productions. 

The team also liaised with SP Photography Club, SP Videography Club, SP Stage Management Club and various performing clubs within SP to ensure that the line-up events run smoothly and effectively.

SP Arts Fiesta 2017 Project Team @ Opening Programme, SP Arts Fiesta Photo Booth
Enthralling Production by SP Strictly Dance Zone
Participants Performing @ Open Mic CompetitionSP students learning to play ukulele @ Ukulele Workshop
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