SP Salutes Our NSmen and Commemorating NS50 Through Art

Year 2017 marks 50 years of National Service (NS). As a tribute to our national servicemen, five DEPM students initiated the SP Salutes Our NSmen campaign which provided a platform for Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students and staff to show their appreciation to our NSmen. The campaign received strong support from SAFRA Punggol and NS Outreach and Engagement.

In July, the students went around the campus to capture SP students and staff’s salutes of thanks in honour of our NSmen. On 3 August 2017, they organised an event at SP’s eleven2 with activities such as appreciation board, information posters about NS, photo booth, fitness corner and a rapping contest.  The event was well-received by students and staff. The team proudly contributed more than 500 salutes to SAFRA’s We Salute our NSmen campaign.

In this project, the student team took charge of the entire campaign including conceptualising activities based on their findings using the design thinking framework; liaising with stakeholders on their requirements; promoting their campaign through various marketing channels, amongst other tasks.

Aside from the campaign, the students also provided event support to Singapore Art Society (SAS) at the opening of their Commemorating NS50 Through Art exhibitions, at Ion Art Gallery, The Arts House and Suntec Convention Centre. They also assisted SAS in the production of their publicity videos.  

Mr Ong Ye Kang, Second Minister for the Ministry of Defence with SP students and staff at the opening of Commemorating NS50 Through Art, at Ion Art GalleryMG Melvyn, Chief of Army with SP students and staff at the opening of Commemorating NS50 Through Art at The Arts House
Salute photo posted in SAFRA’s Facebook pageStudents writing appreciation notes at eleven2 on 3 Aug 2017
Fitness corner at eleven2 on 3 Aug 2017Photo booth at eleven2 on 3 Aug 2017
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