TSK Roadshow @ SP is an event held on 7th August 2017 at the T11 square and at the School of Business (SB). This event displayed TSK Food Pte Ltd.’s most popular product, the KangKang Express Meal Kit to SP students. The objective of the event was to promote the easy to prepare product and create awareness for the healthier choice through attractive activities.

A team of five third year students from the Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM) were tasked with the planning and execution of the event. Their roles in the project included working with TSK Food Pte Ltd on marketing and logistics including conducting pre & post surveys.

Staff & students who passed by T11 Square and the SB foyer enjoyed free samples and won various prizes in the activities organised by DEPM students.

The event was well participated and received by the SP community.

Student from SB is attracted to the colourful display created by the TSK Roadshow @ SP team


(Combined) SP students win exclusive prizes though the various event activites

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