Project YOUnison was a public programme organised by Singapore Discovery Centre together with our group of students from the Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM), Singapore Polytechnic. YOUnison promoted National Education (NE) messages through its activities, as well as raising awareness about possible terrorist attacks in Singapore due to the recent terrorism threats ongoing around the world. The target audience of the event were mainly youths, along with the families and children aged 3 to 12 years old. The event had brought up to close to 700 participants who benefitted from it. 

It comprised of three main activities, namely Lost City, Trapped! and YOUband/Unleash YOUr Colours. Participants were to complete each activity according to the storyline to obtain all three stamps, allowing them a go at the Lucky Draw booth. The Photo Booth was an additional fringe activity with free printouts included to further enhance the participants’ experience. Each participant enjoyed an overall 45 minutes of gameplay at the event, excluding queuing time. 

The main objective of this project was to conceptualise and execute the whole event from scratch, starting from conducting surveys, to create a persona, etc, according to the Design Thinking process. Then, planning for execution and facilitating the whole event, including post event evaluation.

Post-Event Photo taken with Satisfied ClientAttendees immersed in the activity
Working together closely to solve the puzzleThrilled attendees enjoying themselves at the photo booth
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