B’Happy + R.A.C.E. 2018

B’Happy is an annual non-profit event initiated by That’s Innovative Pte Ltd for the purpose of spreading sustainable happiness to every human being.

The event held at Plaza Singapura brought together approximately 300 people from different ages and backgrounds as one. The activities included various carnivals and sport-related games, a laser maze, performances, dance competitions, fitness workouts and many more. 

A team of Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM) students helped to conceptualize the event and execute the event with organisers That’s Innovative Pte Ltd. The conceptualization included the process of brainstorming various ideas on the type of event, deciding on the target audience including sourcing for sponsors, conducting site recce and application of permits, etc. As for the execution, the student team assisted in the setting up and tearing down of the event as well as overseeing the stage activities, carnival activities and dance competitions on the event day to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Overall, this event was a success as attendees who came enjoyed themselves through the various activities planned. Though the journey to plan, organise and execute this project was a very tough one, the students were happy to be able to spread happiness to everyone who came to the event.


Attendees participating in carnival and sports related game stalls
Laser maze activity



Attendees enjoying themselves in the KpopX Fitness Programme

Freestyle dance battle competition
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