Box With Legends 2018

Box with Legends 2018 organized in collaboration with Legends Fight Sport, aimed to give Singapore Polytechnic students the opportunity to learn about boxing and try it out.

Incorporating an old school carnival theme where participants completed challenges at the various booths, with a boxing experience provided by Legends Fight Sport trainers being the highlight. The event succeeded in raising awareness of boxing in Singapore Polytechnic. 

The project had two components – a social media campaign and the event, Box with Legends 2018. The former was on Instagram and focused on attracting an audience before the event even began. Weekly posts and an event countdown were done as the event approached. Fun facts about boxing and Legends Fight Sport, along with a trial giveaway was held on the page to generate more buzz for the event. Box with Legends 2018 had six booths lined up for participants to have fun via an interactive way of learning. 

The team of Diploma in integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM) student team involved in the project conceptualized creative and relevant marketing ideas to promote Legends Fight Sports and create awareness about boxing among the target audience. In the process, the team handled budgeting, marketing, manpower and sourcing for sponsors for the event.


Group photo on event dayAttendees trying out boxing for the first time
Attendees doing push ups at the Fitness ChallengeDEPM student team having a boxing trial at the clients gym 

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