Engagement Session for the Cyber NSF Scheme

Launched in February 2018, the Cyber NSF Scheme aims to deploy the nation's best to defend Singapore’s networks. Successful pre-enlistees will be trained to deal with advanced cyber threats and engage in real-world cyber operations during their national service.

As part of the Engagement Session for the Cyber NSF Scheme, a team of students from the Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management organised a Talk on Cyber NSF Scheme to male students pursing courses related to Cybersecurity in Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Held on 19 July 2018 at SP MLT11, the programme included a presentation by LTC Ang Ai Hua, interesting facts on cyber attacks, quiz and a Q&A session. The student team took charge of the planning and execution of the entire talk from marketing, collateral designing, programme content, logistics planning, dry run, execution and evaluation.

The inaugural Cyber Specialist Award event was held on 1 September 2018 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. It included a brief, panel dialogue by military leaders, interaction with military personnel and contract signing of the Cyber Specialist Award. On the event day, the student team assisted in set up, dry run, registration, ushering, dialogue and contract signing. Prior to the Award event, the team proposed the programme and format, designed event collaterals, the poster, invitation and survey forms.

A post-event infographic visual presentation on Cyber NSF Scheme was done with the client, Defence Cyber Organisation – MINDEF.

MINDEF and the DEPM Team Answering parents queries
Defence Cyber Organisation - MINDEF and the DEPM Team Answering parents’ queries at Cyber Specialist Award
Suntec Convention Centre Talk on Cyber NSF Scheme
Cyber Specialist Award – 1 Sep 2018 at Suntec Convention Centre Talk on Cyber NSF Scheme - 19 Jul 2018 at SP MLT 11
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