Enhancing Vibrancy in Our Hawker Centre

Enhancing Vibrancy in Our Hawker Centres is organised in conjunction with National Environment Agency’s Vibrant Hawker Centres programme, for the purpose of bringing activities to improve the vibrancy, as well as promoting graciousness in the hawker centres.

Hosted at Ghim Moh Hawker Centre, the event held over three consecutive weekends during the month of December in 2017 attracted more than 750 patrons who actively participated in the activities.

The students planned, conceptualized and executed these three events - consisting of two small events leading up to one main final event. The team was also required to liaise with external parties such as an audio-visual rental company and performers. The students remained mindful of the budget to prevent any overspending.

In the planning and conceptualizing stage, the team had to come up with entertaining activities and games. In the execution stage, the team tended to game booths, explaining instructions and guiding the attendees. Furthermore, they managed the flow of the lucky draw and prizes the participants had obtained.



DEPM_Enhancing vibrancy in hawker centre 2018_pic1

Students with their lecturer Mr. Edmund Lim at the event


DEPM_Enhancing vibrancy in hawker centre 2018_pic2 and 3

Participants at the interactive photobooth and the event


DEPM_Enhancing vibrancy in hawker centre 2018_pic4

Happy participant taking a picture with one of the student team members 
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