Time Voyage 2018

Time Voyage was a year-long project that comprised of a one-day public program organized by a team of Diploma in integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM) students in collaboration with Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). 

The event served as a platform for the public and youths to increase their awareness of National Education (NE) messages through an interactive program held in Singapore Discovery Centre. The event successfully attracted over 250 students from Singapore Polytechnic and the wider public through Instagram posts and posters placed around Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Discovery Centre. 

It comprised of four station activities and within each station, several mini-games were incorporated for the attendees to participate and enjoy.  

The students’ role in the project was to come up with ideas and put them into action in order to allow the attendees to have fun while attempting to fulfil Singapore Discovery Centre’s aim of creating awareness on national education for attendees.


Pre-Event BriefingDEPM Student Team With Their Lecturer Mr Benjamin Tan
DEPM Student Team At The EventTime Voyage Branding
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