End 2021 Right

End 2021 Right with ABE! is a 21-day online challenge for ABE year 1 students and lecturers. Participants start the event with a SMART goal of their choice and embark on the challenge together as a faculty.

The objective of this 21-day online challenge is to encourage and motivate Year 1 students to end 2021 and start 2022 right by accomplishing their goals with other Year 1s from ABE. The concept is based on the 21/90 rule where if participants commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 straight days, the pursuit of that goal will become a habit. If they continue to the next 90 days, it will be a habit that is hard to break.

To prepare for this, the team researched and oversaw the event concept with the help of the Teaching and Learning Unit from ABE. They tried to get as many students interested in the challenge through guerrilla marketing and eventually coordinated and executed the full 21-day virtual event.

As a result, they managed to put help participants apply self-directed learning methods to realise their goals. Three quarters of participants managed to finish the first week while one eight of the participants were able to successfully complete the full 21 days.

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