JTC Worker Appreciation 2021

“Worker Appreciation 2021” was a Facebook live event organised in collaboration with JTC Corporation, held on 2nd October 2021, 8 to 9 pm. The event showed our appreciation to migrant workers on JTC’s Project Dorm Facebook, thanking them for their hard work and provided entertainment and stress relief to them.

Activities in the event included workers answering quiz questions to win prizes, sharing funny tiktok videos, a dance tutorial, body conditioning exercise, breathing exercise and video clips received from the public thanking workers. Four days before the event, towels and appreciation notes for the workers were delivered to two Project Dorm Recreation Centres.

For this event, the team engaged in concept ideation, programme and activities planning and executed the Facebook live event. They liaised with clients and vendors to create the event and get the logistics done and created marketing materials to promote the event.

The collaborative project gave the team many opportunities to learn from professionals and gave them a first hand experience of running a live event online with all the consequences and challenges.

JTC Workers Appreciation 2021 pic1_editedAppreciation card and gifts


JTC Workers Appreciation 2021 pic2_edited1Creating tiktok videos


JTC Workers Appreciation 2021 pic3_editedFilming the virtual event


JTC Workers Appreciation 2021 pic4_editedTeam Photo




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