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The Common Foundation Programme amalgamates the 3 built environment design diplomas- namely, Diploma in Architecture, Diploma in Interior Design and Diploma in Landscape Architecture, into a cohesive common Year 1 programme. The programme aims to provide an opportunity for students to experience the rich fundamentals of an industry-centric and explorative curriculum. This engenders a holistic preparation and foundation for an exciting, challenging and enriching career in the built environment. Students will study an array of topics including Design Fundamentals and Techniques, Technology and Sustainability Fundamentals as well as Design Representation. These core fundamentals will build up their foundational knowledge and skills that are relevant to their area of practice. Students will be guided by lecturers with industry experience as well as current practitioners through a rigorous studio-based, explorative, highly challenging and self-directed learning experience. This will develop the core skills needed to enrich their academic abilities in their respective diplomas.


Is this course for me?

Are you motivated to help address climate change issues? Do you know how to engage communities in social spaces that influence their lifestyles? Have you wondered how urban cities carve out green spaces for people to enjoy? Ask no more, choose DLA! The diploma in landscape architecture enables you to become a landscape designer to fulfil all these aspirations in the landscape architectural profession.
In DLA, we gear you to think both globally and locally as ambassadors for the environment. You will be nurtured with suitable teaching approaches to build your foundation for a career in design, implementation and maintenance aspects of landscape industry. Expressing your uniqueness as a designer and being an effective contributor as a team member are important traits for you to be work with landscape architects, architects, interior designers, engineers and builders in the future; your exposure in DLA will allow you to grow in these aspects.



The Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) is a full-fledged Landscape Architecture Diploma. This course prepares you to become a landscape designer who will be able to assist in transforming our world into a sustainable, conducive, interactive, educational and experiential place. It involves the study of existing spatial and environmental conditions and processes before responding with design interventions to achieve the desired design intent. The focus will be on design to enhance nature and the built environment that will be of value to your future employer or for you to fulfil further education aspirations.

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Global trends shaping the industry and the course

In the most recent Built Environment Industry Transformation Roadmap, the 3 ways that the industry hopes to transform itself was summarized into 3 succinct ways, to ‘Build Smart, Efficiently & Green’, as a response to challenges from arising from digital revolution, rapid urbanisation and climate change. Aligned with the Construction Industry Transformation Map and considerations of the Landscape Sectoral Transformation Plan, the course prepares you with relevant skills towards digitalization, design and documentation to contribute to a profession that creates spaces for people to be close to nature with sustainability in mind. There will be a diverse range of work opportunities in store for you after you completed DLA.

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  • First Year Common Foundation Programme, with Diploma in Architecture, Diploma in Interior Design and Diploma in Landscape Architecture students
  • Design processes in landscape architecture
  • Digitalization skills for effective communications and construction
  • Plant knowledge and landscape technologies to integrate greenery
  • Materials technical applications for sustainable practices
  • Project-based course to learn work flow in professional life
  • Critiques for assessment to simulate real-world experience
  • Internship with structured learning outcomes


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School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Tel: (65) 6775 1133

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Information is accurate as of 26 Dec 2022.


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