Recycle and Reuse Sewage Sludge
This project has very large environmental impact in Singapore. Singapore generates +/- 6.5 MT of natural waste with the average recycling rate of 58%. Annually the sludge reaches up to 114 kT with “zero” recycling rate (NEA, Waste Statistics and Recycling Rate for 2010). Incineration of the waste followed by landfilling of by-products at Pulau Semakau will not be sustainable in the future.

Potential Users: schools, colleges, polytechnics and engineering undergraduate students

Objectives: recycle sludge from STP (sewage treatment plant) and reuse it for other alternatives such as

(1) organic removal in wastewater treatment itself

(2) bioelectric harvesting

Collaborators: Nanyang Technological University

Interested parties may contact Dr Handojo Djati Utomo @ 67721193.

Student Achievement: 1st runner up in Energy Innovation Challenge 2015
Hydrocarbon (Benzene, Toluene) Removal using Green Urban Wastes
This project reutilises any green urban waste such as dry leaves, wood waste and sugarcane bagasse for adsorbing emulsified oil in water medium. Due to intensive laboratory analysis, the work was conducted at ABE and AMTC (R& D) laboratory. Currently this TIEFA (Technology, Innovation, Enterprise Fund Allocation) project with a funding of $90,000 takes four (4) internship students. Parts of the works have been presented in local competitions and secured a Merit Prize of $1000 and 3rd Prize of $4000 in SG Junior Water Prize Competition and Greenwave Competition respectively.

Potential markets: Semcorp, BP, Shell, etc

Collaborators: AMTC (Advanced Material Technology Centre), SP

Interested parties may contact Dr Handojo Djati Utomo @67721193.
Green Asphalts for Flexible Road Pavements
This industry-link project was carried out by three groups of 11 DCEB students – 7 of them also did their internship with the company. Rubber tyres and rubber latex were added to the bituminous mixtures at different concentrations to improve the workability of bituminous pavement materials. The project workflow was as follows:
Stage 1: Understanding Properties of Raw Materials,
Stage 2: Bitumen Modification,
Stage 3: Mixing Aggregates and Modified Bitumen,
Stage 4: Volumetric Analysis and Basic Asphalt Performance Test,
Stage 5: Asphalt Performance Test.

All the work activities were conducted at ABE industry partner, Samwoh R & D Centre. The preliminary findings from the project have been awarded a Merit Prize of $1000 and Commendation Prize of $500 in Greenwave Competition 2015.

Potential users: LTA, Sembcorp

Industry partner: Samwoh R& D Centre

Interested parties may contact Dr Handojo Djati Utomo @67721193 or Mr Tan Poh Seng
Integrated Unit of Urinal and Hand Wash Basin
The water saving system, jointly developed by School of Architecture & the Built Environment and I-Tech Sensors Pte Ltd, is able to perform both rinse and flush functions on the same urinal bowl - rinse for users to rinse their hands and flushing when the users move away from the detecting zone.
The system is design with water saving features. During rinsing of hands, water will flow down from the rinse tray to the urinal bowl. The rinsing water is used to clean the urinal bowl at the same time. No water is wasted.

Potential users: Schools, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings

Interested parties may contact Mr Tan Poh Seng @ 6870-6115
Nanomaterial-Based Photocatalytic Wastewater Treatment System
Nanoparticles are used as photocatalysts for the degradation of persistent toxic substances present in the wastewater. The nanoparticles are integrally synthesized on the surface of the metallic substrates through Singapore Polytechnic’s patent technology (PCT/SG2012/000447). The system has excellent organic compounds removal efficiencies measured as biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand.

Potential users: for water/wastewater treatment, persistent toxic wastewater treatment.

Topics: water/wastewater treatment, photocatalytic nanomaterials.

Interested parties may also contact Dr Cheng Zhoulian at 68790468 or Dr Liu Qishan at 67721660