ITP Experience


Yuan Zi Xin Grace
Diploma in Architecture

WATG is an international consultant firm that provides multi disciplinary services in hospitality design. When I was attached to Overseas Master Planning projects to work on Architecture-related tasks, I was able to learn from the other disciplines such as Master Planning and Strategy disciplines.


Cheong Chee Seng
Diploma in Architecture

At Genesis Architects, I was given the opportunity to engage in Project Management and assisted by creating renders and drafting for local and regional projects. My internship was undoubtedly an eye-opening experience where I got to gain knowledge and experience the intangibles of the trade.


Avelyn Lai Shi Ying
Diploma in Civil Engineering

My job scope in JTC was to assist with the development of standardising JTC BIM parameters for project use. The internship allowed me to apply and deepen the knowledge and skills we learnt and acquired in ABE. It gave me an accurate picture of how a professional workplace operates and enabled me to better consider which sector of the construction industry I should focus on in the future.


Ooh Shu Ying
Diploma in Civil Engineering

I spent my internship period with ARUP Singapore, a building consulting company. There, I assisted with drafting and adapting the engineers’ plans into their projects. I had the opportunity to be part of their local and overseas projects. This allowed me to gain valuable industry insights and experiences beyond the classroom. I was also able to add value to my internship with the various BIM software skills I mastered in the course.


Yip Wen Xuan
Diploma in Civil Engineering

As a technical trainee, I was assisting my supervisor in engineering designs on structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs and foundations. When working on these real world projects. I realized the importance of the theory that we learnt in classrooms. This experience has definitely helped me better appreciate what I’ve learnt in classes!


Preston Lim Jin Wei
Diploma in Facilities Management

This internship at Singapore Island Country Club has been really helpful in showing me the full job scope of a facilities manager. I was able to experience the reality of working in the facilities management industry and, with the guidance of my supervisor, navigate the various complicated situations and overcome the obstacles that could not be simulated in the classroom. It was eye-opening to see all the concepts I’ve learnt in school applied in real life.


Roxanne Low Jiawen
Diploma in Facilities Management

I spent twenty-two weeks interning as a property manager for CapitaLand’s Bedok Mall. During this period, I familiarised myself with the various roles and functions within the facility as well as the documentation processes. I was thrilled as we learnt all of these in class, and I got to see them applied in real life. This further ignited an interest in the FM industry, gave me a clearer direction for the future and inspired me to broaden my knowledge of the industry through online courses.


Andree Teo
Diploma in Facilities Management

My internship has been extremely exciting and every day I am amazed by something new! Sentosa is a place where guests come to relax and have fun. To provide the best experience for the visitors. There is a huge team working behind the scenes to ensure that the facilities are wellkept and everything is properly managed. During this Internship. I got to experience for myself what we hand learnt in school and I now understand the logic o the work better and why certain things work in a certain way.



Hendra Hilman Bin Kamsani
Diploma in Events & Project Management

The internship has been one of the main highlight of my Singapore Polytechnic journey. Attached to Singapore Red Cross, Red Cross Youth Department, I manage to gain new insights into the operations, purpose and functions of Singapore Red Cross. I manage to apply the skills and knowledge I was taught in school into my work. With the guidance of my colleagues I even expanded these and developed new skills and knowledge that will help me in the future.


Zhang Shuying
Diploma in Events & Project Management

Through this internship, I have deepened my industry knowledge and sharpened my skills in event operations. My job scope also relates back to what I’ve learnt in lessons. We are also trained in creative media so I am able to help out with creating marketing and publicity materials for events.


Pey Kiet Lin
Diploma in Events & Project Management

I chose DEPM as I loved the dynamic nature of the events industry. every event is unique and I never have to do the same thing twice! My Internship with Singapore Discovery Centre allowed me to pick up many skills from my mentors and supervisors such as learning which things to take note of when running an event. I was also involved in the marketing aspect and applied skills learnt in my Creative Media Technology module such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


Chan Wen Hao Caleb
Diploma in Interior Design

Hirsch & Bedner Associates (HBA), being the leading design firm for hospitality & hotels, offered me a glimpse of what it is like to work in a multi-national corporation (MNC). Working with multiple teams for their projects, I was engaged in a wide scope of works ranging from drafting headboard designs, rendering floor plans, and even preparing material boards. The internship programme was a huge eye-opener for me to the industry and I strongly encourage my peers and juniors to take it up with willing hearts and open minds.


Tan Suan Loong
Diploma in Interior Design

During my internship, I got to work under an up & coming interior design firm, Monocot Studio. Monocot focuses on residential projects, from small-scale apartment projects to landed properties. The entire experience was enriching and there was never a dull moment. Monocot involved me in a large variety of their projects and set very high expectations for my performance throughout the internship. I had to work hard and be responsible through it all and I believe I lived up to the expectations.


Kuek Hong Jie
Diploma in Landscape Architecture

My internship at Mao Sheng Quan Ji Construction Pte Ltd was extremely fruitful. Through it all, I gained knowledge and learned many new skills. I was exposed to the entire creation process from design, through implementation and to post construction care. I learnt how to maintain plants, differentiate between high and low maintenance plants and how to effectively use sunshades during construction. These skills I picked up helped me in the future to produce aesthetically pleasing designs.


Dipeeka Shah Hitesh
Diploma in Landscape Architecture

This internship has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of the past three years. When I first joined, I felt very self-conscious and felt like I needed to prove my worth. My colleagues, and especially my supervisor gave me a confidence boost by guiding me through the work processes and encouraging me to speak and share my thoughts and opinions during team meetings. Through their support, I learnt a lot of new skills that helped me overcome various challenges throughout this period.