DARCH student Aqilah Alwi featured in Berita Harian

10 Aug 2016

The article in Berita Harian features SP’s Diploma in Architecture student Aqilah Alwi as one of the recipients of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) scholarship. This year, BCA presented 158 scholarships to undergraduates and diploma students from built environment courses. Awarded in partnership with more than 200 industry firms, the scholarships represent an initiative by the BCA and the industry to attract and retain talent in sectors such as construction, architecture, and engineering. Aqilah shared how she had an interest in building things out of Lego bricks as a child. In ITE, she pursued a course in civil & structural engineering to follow her passion. She decided on her current course at SP as she wanted to design buildings for the silver generation, given the increasing number of the aged in Singapore. Aqilah was awarded the scholarship after impressing her supervisors during her internship at S A Chua Architects Pte Ltd.

Source: “Berita Harian © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction”