DEPM Students Won 5 Awards at Taiwan MICE Destination Marketing Contest 2016

04 Oct 2016

ABE Team at the 8th M.I.C.E. Destination Marketing Contest awards ceremony (from left): Mr. Fan Ay Deng (DEPM lecturer), Chee Yin (2nd Year DEPM student), Jadie Tang Fang Jie (2nd Year DEPM student), Ting Wai Kit (2nd Year DEPM student), Jolene Lee Pei Yun (3rd Year DEPM student), Phoebe Lin Yi Han (3rd Year DEPM student), and Muhammad Alfiz Bin Kambali (3rd Year DEPM student)

A group of six Year 2 and 3 students from the Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management (DEPM) emerged as one of the top winning teams at the MICE Destination Marketing Contest 2016, organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

This annual MICE Destination Marketing contest took place at Taipei International Convention Centre from 5 to 10 September 2016, in conjunction with the 2016 Asian MICE Forum. Twenty institutions from 7 countries participated in this prestigious event to test their skills through promoting their selected city as an ideal destination to the MICE industry. Singapore Polytechnic is the only non-university level institution to take part in the competition.

The team comprising Jolene Lee Pei Yun, Phoebe Lin Yi Han, Muhammad Alfiz Bin Kambali, Jadie Tang Fang Jie, Ting Wai Kit, Chee Yin, together with their lecturer Mr Fan Ay Deng, impressed the judges with their presentation of Singapore as the ideal destination to clinch 2nd place. They won 5 other awards in 6 main categories: 2nd place for their Marketing Presentation, Marketing Plan, Creativity, and Reception, 3rd place for Exhibition Booth Design. This is the 3rd consecutive year that DEPM has clinched awards in this international contest.

“The best part of the competition for me is the opportunity to be in both the presentation and marketing teams. I was given the important role of bridging both teams closer together since there were many overlapping information.

I realised how the modules learned in school play a crucial role in helping us conceptualise and create the whole experience for both marketing strategies and presentation style. The competition provided me with a more complete and holistic experience as I applied the content learned in school and technical skills such as Project Management, Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint. Soft skills such as effective communication, adaptability and problem solving skills also came into good use.”

- Jadie Tang Fang Jie, DEPM Year 2 Student


“The competition proved to be both an enriching and enlightening experience for the team. It gave me the opportunity for real-world application of content learned in the classroom. Despite the setbacks, the team pulled through together with confidence. It was heart-warming to be marketing Singapore at an international platform. The exposure allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and interact with people from different cultures and countries. All in all, the entire competition was a fulfilling experience.”

- Phoebe Lin Yi Han, DEPM Year 3 Student