Joint Institute STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Project Presentation

05 Jul 2017

A collaborative project between SP (DCEB) and THEi (Technological and Higher Education Institute) from Hong Kong impressed the Hong Kong students and local and international visitors during ISSF 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) from 16 - 17 June 2017. The project “Potential Usage of Algal Biomass for Wastewater Treatment” was orally presented on stage by a combined team of SP (DCEB) students and Environmental Engineering & Management students. 

The project presentation was one of many events to commemorate the 35th year of VTC (Vocational and Training Council and the 20th year of VPET (Vocational & Professional Education and Training). It was held in conjunction with the celebration of the 20th year of HK’s return to China. Singapore was amongst 8 selected countries out of 25 countries and we would like to thank VTC for the travel grants and support given to one SP (ABE) staff and 3 DCEB students as one of 15 selected institutions.

Led by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo the DCEB student teams, consisting of Tan Xin Rong Emma, Siddiq Amsyar bin Shalan, Ding Baiwen and Fong Sie Tzy, have been researching the efficacy of marine and fresh water algae to adsorb organic colour of Methylene Blue (MB). The post treatment of the adsorbed MB using Fenton oxidation process was researched by Chow Tsz Ying, Poon Shu Him, Lo Lai Yee, under direction and supervision by Dr Joe Chan Cho Yin from Environmental Engineering and Management, Faculty of Science and Technology, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi).

In this study, collection of algal bloom biomass for bio-sorption purpose was demonstrated and it can potentially solve the disposal problem of algal bloom found in polluted environment.

Due to the value of research in this competition, good team work, aspiration, resilience and time management between supervisors and students and also amongst students were the key factors of success. The selected students were closely supervised from preparation, literature review, reporting, project execution until presentation of the projects. Rehearsals were organised in both Singapore and Hong Kong. During an earlier rehearsal, the team also worked with CASS staff, Shirlyn Toh and Lee Yoke Ling, to hone their presentation skills.


A combined team of THEi (HK) and SP (DCEB team)(from left) Dr Joe Chan Cho Yin, Siddiq Amsyar bin Shalan, Tan Xin Rong Emma , Chow Tsz Ying (HK), Poon Shu Him (HK), Zhang Han Xiang and Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, at HK Convention and Exhibition Center on 17 June 2017
A Glass token of appreciation from VTC, Hong Kong to Singapore Polytechnic Team


Oral Presentation by HK and SG students. Emma Tan presented on stage followed by her team mates at HKCEC on 16 June 2017 Oral Presentation by HK and SG students. Siddiq Amsyar presented on stage followed by his team mates at HKCEC on 16 June 2017


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