Project Presentation and Sharing by DCEB Students during ISSF (International STEM Students’ Forum) 2017

05 Jul 2017

DCEB students Zhang Han Xiang and Tan Xin Rong Emma impressed Hong Kong students and local and international visitors during ISSF 2017, from 16-17 June 2017, with their outstanding presentation and sharing, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC).

Emma Tan was selected to participate in a sharing session about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) career and education together with 7 students from MIT (USA), RMIT (Australia), City of Glasgow College (UK), Eindhoven University (Netherlands), University of Turku (Finland), THEi (HK), IVE (HK). 

In a concurrent event, Zhang Han Xiang presented a DCEB project, as part of his FYP with the project entitled “A Sustainable Solution for Waste Management”. The FYP team consist of Zhang HanXiang, Zhang Yadong, Ng Wei Tiong and Lee Yong Wei supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo. The project was selected from among 70 project submissions from 25 countries by judges from industry and academia, including the British Council in Hong Kong.

The poster project presentation was amongst many events to commemorate the 35th year of VTC (Vocational and Training Council and the 20th year of VPET (Vocational & Professional Education and Training). It was held in conjunction with the celebration of 20 years of HK’s return to China. Singapore was amongst 8 selected country participants out of 25 country participants and we would thank VTC for the travel grants and support given to one SP (ABE) staff and 3 DCEB students as one of 15 selected institutions.

As part of the internship projects, Emma, Han Xiang and their colleagues have spent a couple of months working under SP(TIEFA) research grant at ABE Environmental Laboratory and AMTC under guidance and supervision from Dr Handojo Djati Utomo and Dr Huang Hai. The current result showed that sewage sludge and fruit waste demonstrated the capability in minimising solid waste while generating bio-electricity. 

Due to the value of research in this competition, good team work, aspiration, resilience and time management between supervisors and students and also amongst students in a team are the key factors of success. The selected students were closely supervised from preparation, literature review, reporting, project execution until presentation of the projects. Rehearsals were also organised in Singapore and Hong Kong. The project supervisor also coordinated with CASS staff, Lee Yoke Ling, to hone the presentation skills of the students.


Emma Tan Xin Rong (3 from left) shared her views regarding career and opportunity in STEM education at HKCEC on 17 June 2017
A large crowd of international and HK participants, including 1 ABE staff and 3 DCEB students during ISSF2017 Forum at HKCEC on 17 June 2017


Zhang Han Xiang presented his FYP at HKCEC on 17 June 2017  Zhang Han Xiang presented his FYP of “A Sustainable Solution for Waste Management” at HKCEC on 17 June 2017


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