Connecting Green in Design for DLA by NParks 2022

13 Jul 2022

As prelude to their site analysis for project work, DLA (Diploma in Landscape Architecture) students learnt about PCN (Park Connector Network) and Rail Corridor from guests lectures by NParks staff.

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NParks staff giving an overview and site context of Rail Corridor in Singapore to students.

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With more in-depth knowledge on the flora and fauna in PCN and Rail Corridor, DLA students engaged in lively Q&A with NParks staff after guest lectures.

To better understand design insights and considerations of Therapeutic Gardens, NParks staff conducted site visits to therapeutic gardens in Bedok Reservoir Park and Punggol Waterway for DLA students.

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NParks staff introducing the considerations for entrance design of Therapeutic Garden during site visit.

Stronger green connections in design established by DLA students as they acknowledge:


“The talks and trips by NParks were very insightful. The trips to the therapeutic gardens allowed us to learn what elements and spaces a therapeutic garden may include and how the pathways are designed to be suitable for dementia patients. I feel that all information learned can be put to good use for course work and future design projects as well.”

“With regards to PCN guest lecture, I learned how vital it is to consider plant maintenance when designing a landscape proposal. I completed my internship in a maintenance and implementation company, the lecture content reinforce how design impacts on maintenance and its costs. Therefore, understanding site context, site conditions, plant growth habits etc. enables me to carefully consider the feasibility of my plant palette in my design proposal.”

“The most important point that stood out for me about the Railway Corridor guest lecture was how heritage timeline was integrated in its design. The plant palette was chosen based on a chronological order, showcasing the heritage of the rail corridor in different decades. This approach allows users to walk down memory lane and see how the landscape spaces change within rail corridor.”

“I enjoyed the field trips to the therapeutic gardens because of the immersive experience. It was clear how the different elements, eg. the pavilion and interactive rocks are closely integrated in the design with the proposed framework and principles. Now, I have a better understanding of the design intent using circulation to ensure safety and accessibility for inclusive design and strategic locations for seating area to cater to user needs and their respite.”

Connecting Green in Design for DLA NParks 2022_pic4 edited
DLA students’ first-hand experience in fitness area of a Therapeutic Garden.