DCEB students win Commendation awards and Good Presenter Awards @ Green Wave National Competition 2021

18 Jan 2022

Green Wave competition is an annual national competition organised by Sembcorp Marine. The competition encourages students to address a broad spectrum of environmental issues and develop creative sustainability solutions among young people in Southeast Asia. The annual competition, now in its 18th run, gives students practical learning opportunities, such as taking a hands-on approach to creating solutions for the environment.

Congratulations to 2 DCEB teams awarded Commendation Awards out of 1000 local and 281 regional projects.

The first group of DCEB students consists of Bernice Chau Shuet Ying, Winky Ho Wen Kee, Rudika Bin Mohd Ali, Putera Muhammad Faiez Bin Yazli, Ding Cong Yu, La Yaung Ko Ko, Toh Si Min and Agnes Ang Yu Hui with a project entitled “Evaluation of Concrete Mix Incorporating Materials Made of Incinerated Bottom Ash”. The objective of the project is to develop a viable, sustainable material which is a cheaper alternative as well as one that possesses comparable characteristics to Microcement in construction, incorporating Silica Aerogel from Incinerated Bottom Ash. This project was done in collaborated with the Advanced Material Technology Centre and supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, Dr Tao Nengfu, Dr Li Xiaodong, Ms Lee Yoke Ling and Ms Lu Yanru.

The second group of DCEB students consists of Pinky Lai Qi Xuan, Ang Yi Kai, Issac Cheong Caijun and Justine Rene Pamintuan Abaricia with a project entitled “Bioplastic Material from Palm Frond”. This project was supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, Dr Li Chunxiang and Dr Bai Shiqiang from the Advanced Material Technology Centre. In addition, Justine Rene Pamintuan Abaricia was also given a Good Presenter Award. Besides, we would like to thank Mr Julian Kwok and Ms Lee Yoke Ling from LSC provided training to improve our student’s presentation skill.

ABE is proud of their achievement and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

DCE Greenwave pic1
SP student representatives: Justine Rene Pamintuan Abaricia (front) and Pinky Lai Qi Xuan at Sembcorp Marine’s Green Wave Environmental Care Competition on 26th November 2021.

DCE Greenwave pic2
SP student representatives from 2 groups (from left to right): Pinky Lai Qi Xuan, Ding Cong Yu Bernice Chau Shuet Ying, Justine Rene Pamintuan Abaricia @Sembcorp Marine Shipyard Office