DFM/DHLFM Overseas Study Tour South Korea

21 Jan 2019

22 students from the Diploma in Facilities Management and Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management embarked on a 6-day study tour to Seoul, South Korea, from 17 to 23 Sep 2018. South Korea is one of the leading countries in the deployment of smart city initiatives in Asia. This study trip also included visits to Cheonggyecheon Stream, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Myeongdong shopping district, Gweongbukgong Palace, Hongdae University, Hanok Village and Everland theme park to appreciate the facilities management services supporting the dynamic retail malls and leisure amenities operations. The purpose of this study trip is to provide students with exposure in best-practices and leading high-tech solutions for smart city as well as areas relating to facilities management and sustainability.

DFM Seoul South Korea_1

First stop at Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018 held at Korea International Exhibition & Convention Centre (KINTEX).

During the trip, the students visited Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018 held at the Korea International Exhibition & Convention Center (KINTEX). Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the latest innovative products and services for smart cities and infrastructure.

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Kyung Hee University, College of Human Ecology and the Department of Housing and Interior Design with Faculty Members

Students also visited the Kyung Hee University, Department of Housing and Interior Design that offers a reputable Facility Management Program accredited by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Director of the program, Professor Kim, briefed the students on the facility management industry in South Korea. They also got the opportunity to have a dialogue session and mingled with the undergraduates.

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Group photo of visit to Songdo Smart City

DFM Seoul South Korea_5
Students were exposed to the best practices and leading high-tech solutions for smart city in Songdo Smart City

Songdo is an international business district and a free economic zone that offers taxation support, free economic activities, high quality administrative services and an eco-friendly convenient living environment.

DFM Seoul South Korea_6

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. Students learned facilities management in an outdoor theme park setting.

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