DID Students win 2020 Golden Lotus International Design Competition for Students

28 Jan 2021

The 2020 Golden Lotus International Design Competition, hosted by the Union for International Design of Macao, is one of the important segment at the 2020 Macao International Design Exhibition. This competition is meant to promote the development of the architectural design industry.

The invitational competition is open to the global design community comprising of designers, architects and design units.  DID AY1920 graduates, Jerlene Kum & Alice Lim participated under the Interior Design Category (Students) and were awarded the Bronze & Silver award respectively. 


Jerlene Kum

Bronze Award- Interior Design Category

Collective Housing

Using forms derived from the surrounding environment to create a prototype of future housing in Singapore. It provides a temporary or a permanent living space, one that embraces shared spaces and allows people to mix with other people of socio-economic groups, races and ethnicities. In addition, it is a space that also fulfil the interests of its residents.


Alice Lim

Silver Award- Interior Design Category


As humans, we have an intrinsic affiliation with nature. We are nourished by nature and is always evolving with it. The world faces challenges like global warming. The design premise is to question existing systems and their implications towards nature, resources and perception. The development is designed using the principles of Biophilic Design - biomorphosis and how it can relate to a rejuvenation hub. The overall design also aims to engage the different senses such as the sense of temperature that can be produced naturally by the hot spring.  

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