DLA gaining insights from Accredited Landscape Architects 2022

13 Jul 2022

Accredited Landscape Architects, Ms Melissa Yip (AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd) and Mr Alfred Lee (STX Landscape Architects) took time and efforts to give guest lectures on notable landscape architecture projects of Singapore.

Starting the virtual guest lecture, Ms Yip covered the overarching principle of eco-corridors and the larger green connections that a Landscape Architect considers when approaching design. She also shared about the ABC Waters Project in Ulu Pandan to give students more detailed knowledge on bioengineering in ABC design. The details motivated students to ask questions about the environment impact assessment and engagement programs to consult residents on a project.

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Ms Melissa Yip, AECOM shared insights to ABC Waters Project, Ulu Pandan.

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Engaging online Q&A session between Ms Yip and DLA students, as they got to know about the success of this ABC Waters Project in terms of biodiversity sightings.

During the face-to-face guest lecture, Mr Lee provided background on the overall planning and design of Yunnan Gardens. He gave students inspiration on the large extent of works a Landscape Architect embarks on. He connected landscape architectural design to the heritage of site, importance of site context, managing levels strategically and project coordination with overall project team to bring about impactful design resolution to the project.  

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Mr Alfred Lee, STX Landscape covered the overall masterplan and landscape design proposal of Yunnan Garden in a guest lecture to DLA students.

DLA students were enlightened after the guest lectures and shared what they have learnt:

“I have learnt the insights to planning of designs such as the considerations for biodiversity in the ABC Waters Project and also the moving of road for a LA design solution for Yunnan Garden to materialize.”

“A Landscape Architect’s design vision and concept enables a canal to boost biodiversity and manage planting on a slope for the project in Ulu Pandan.”

  “Through the sharing I was able to learn more about how important it is to make green spaces more meaningful to the public and how crucial it is to get the public’s feedback for a space (through surveys) as they use the spaces often. It showed me how Landscape Architects and users work together to create a truly unique environment for all.”

“From Ms Yip’s guest lecture, I have learnt more about the importance of using appropriate planting to enhance wildlife for a waterway. Mr Lee’s guest lecture allowed me to understand about maximising the use of the spaces and levels to implement ABC Waters Projects such as the gabion walls with the help of engineering.”

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DLA students asked more details about Yunnan Garden after guest lecture by Mr Lee.