DLA in Learning Journey at LKCNHM 2022

13 Jul 2022

In this learning journey, DLA (Diploma in Landscape Architecture) students visited the museum with guided gallery tour and learned about biomimicry at a virtual workshop conduct by LKCNHM (Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum).

At the guided tour, students gained in-depth knowledge about Singapore’s biodiversity through commentary by the guide. Interesting narratives of the marvellous museum specimens allowed students to see “nature-in-action”. During the virtual workshop about biomimicry, students were introduced the topic, shown relatable examples and completed a hands-on exercise for deeper understanding. It is indeed a learning journey that enabled DLA students to be inspired by nature and apply the knowledge in their landscape design project proposal taking into account for the natural environment. 

DLA at LKCNHM2022 pic1 edited

DLA students visits LKCNHM.

DLA at LKCNHM2022 pic2 edited

Getting up-close-and-personal with museum specimens at the guided gallery tour in LKCNHM.

DLA at LKCNHM2022 pic3 edited

DLA students at Virtual Workshop on Biomimicry in-class conducted by LKCNHM.

Students in DLA enjoyed the learning journey because:


“There are lots to discover around us and there are numerous fascinating facts about other organisms. The visit made me more aware of the threats endangered species face and it highlighted the importance of taking care of the environment for the species to flourish.”

“I had a great time at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, I learnt a lot of interesting and fun facts. The use of museum specimens helped me understand what the guide was saying more effectively. When we were looking at the whale bone structure exhibit, I saw how easily these large mammals are affected by human actions and made an impact in my perspectives about the natural environment. I managed to learn fun facts about Singapore’s fauna and how they adapt to our surroundings that can be applicable to design from the virtual workshop.”

DLA at LKCNHM2022 pic4 edited
Students learnt how designs can be inspired from nature at the virtual workshop.
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