DLA invited DCE for Guest Lecture, Demo and Workshop 2022

14 Jul 2022

Teaching staff from DCE (Diploma in Civil Engineering), Ms Tracy Law and Dr Ong Chee Fatt were invited by DLA (Diploma in Landscape Architecture) in the beginning of the 2022 academic year to introduce the topic of Levels to DLA students. It was a welcoming cross-disciplinary collaboration as DLA students gained insights the topic of Levelling in Civil Engineering to apply in Landscape Architecture.  

The half-day program started with an introductory lecture on Levelling, followed by Demo with Hands-on experience on Levelling Instrument on site and concluded with the digital application using QGIS software with a Hands-on Exercise in-class.

DLA invites DCE Guest Lecture Demo and Workshop pic1 edited
Lecture on Levelling by Ms Tracy Law from DCE.

DLA invites DCE Guest Lecture Demo and Workshop pic2 edited
Demo with a Levelling Instrument by Ms Tracy Law.

DLA invites DCE Guest Lecture Demo and Workshop pic3 edited
DLA students with hands-on experience on Levelling Instrument.

DLA students shared:

“I enjoyed the introduction to levelling and demo on measurements in the same horizontal plane via a precise telescope and bubble level using the Level Instrument.”

“From the workshop I think it was good that we were given relevant examples which helped me in understanding about levelling better. I also liked that it was hands-on demo as we learned how to use the equipment to measure the levels.”

DLA invites DCE Guest Lecture Demo and Workshop pic4 edited
QGIS workshop with hands-on exercise of software in-class, conducted by Dr Ong Chee Fatt from DCE.